MCBB events


As of the 6th December 2023, we have the following engagements:

Date Event Arrival
Playing Time Uniform
Saturday,        9th December Carols Waitrose   9:45 10:00 to 11:00 yes
Saturday,        9th December Carols Upton (Pepperpot) 13:45 14:00 yes
Sunday,        10th December Carols Garlford
(Location: highly lit Christmas garden in Penny Close if dry - village hall if wet)
17:45 18:00 yes
Tuesday,      15th December Carols, Court House Care Home, 3-5 Court Road, WR14 3BU 18:30 18:45 yes
Friday,          15th December Carols Morrisons 18:15 18:30 to 19:30 yes
Sunday,        17th December Carols etc, at Christ Church 14:45 15:00 yes
Thursday,      21st December Carols at the Swan, Hanley Swan 18:15 18:30 yes